How to Write a Love Letter

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a great love letter, you just have to know how you feel.  And don’t worry about how long or short your love letter is as long as it’s sincere. Here are some tips to help you on the way:

Choose a greeting that reflects your style and your relationship.

A simple Dear Shaun….. can work just as well as a more expressive…. My Darling Robert…..Dearest Emma…. or Beloved Munchkins!

You can begin your love letter by saying why you are writing. For example:

“I felt I just had to write to mark this amazing day…… our wedding!”

“To mark this occasion I wanted to do something really special and personal, so I thought I’d write you a love letter”

“You know I am not a great man (or woman) of words…and yet there are so many things I want to say to you, so I thought I’d write them down”

“I am just writing to say I love you/thank you for being my wife/sorry etc”

“It’s been a long time since I have written to you (like..ever!), but I wanted to mark this really special occasion.”

“I just wanted to say thanks…for always being there for me/for getting me here” (e.g. Mum/Dad for wedding)

Alternatively you might want to start your love letter with a simple bold statement;

“I love you!”, “You’re great!”, “You’re beautiful”, “I’m sorry”, “You make me so happy!”

Our love letter text library has opening lines for you to insert in one click.

The middle of your love letter.

Consider including some of the following ideas (always address the person directly e.g. you are…you make me feel):

  • Recall when you first saw them/met them/fell in love/picked them out from a crowd.
  • Describe how your life has changed for the better.
  • Recall some special moments you’ve had together, or things they have done for you.
  • Describe some details about them you really like, maybe physical things about them, things they do, or things they say. Say how those things make you feel e.g. ‘I love it when you…’, ‘it makes me feel…’ .
    List some of their special qualities; tell them what you admire in them.
  • Tell them how excited you are about your future life together.
  • Describe some of the things that you are really looking forward to sharing with them.

Use our image library to illustrate your points and select love poems and quotes to replace your words. Or if appropriate insert your wedding vows, or the lyrics of a song you both like.

Ending your love letter.

Love…with love…love always…thinking of you…dreaming of you…with all my love now and always.


A Post Scriptum (P.S.) at the end of the letter can be a neat (and sometimes humorous) way of summarising an important point of the letter e.g.

P.S. I love you!
P.S. I’m sorry
P.S. You’ve got a great bum!
or even
P.S. Will you marry me?