Wedding Day Gift for Your Bride

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your Bride on your wedding day?  Something she will treasure forever, and will symbolise your love for each other?

Here at Photo-love-letter we specialise in beautiful, personalised gifts based around the traditional idea of sending a love letter.  You can create a Photo-love-letter or a Love Book.  Whichever you choose you can fill with your romantic thoughts, memories and photo's, to make a perfect gift for your bride. It will probably be the most romantic gift you will ever give her! 

Top tips for a great gift from groom to bride;

  • Tell your bride what you like about him and how he makes you feel
  • Insert photos of happy times together
  • Insert part of your wedding vows or lines from your favourite song
  • Tell her how excited you are about being her groom and your future life together
  • You can give your bride your gift the night before, at the end of your speech or privately when you return to your hotel. Whenever you do it, have some tissues handy - there will be tears!


Love Letter


Love Book






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Wedding Day Gift for Your Bride image

Wedding Day Gift for Your Bride image

Wedding Day Gift for Your Bride image