Ebay Orders

Dear Ebayer,

Well done on choosing our personalised love letter gift - it is a lovely thing to do for that special person in your life.


  • Click the 'Create Letter' below.
  • Choose your design.
  • Write your words; there are poems, quotes and standard text in the 'poem picker' to help you.
  • Upload photos & or use our romantic image libary.
  • Preview Your letter but do not click PAY, click BACK instead (not your browsers back button) 
  • Once finished, click SAVE (pink button) and then message us through Ebay to let us know which email address you saved it under.
  • We will check, print, package and send via Royal Mail First Class.  You can expect to receive it within 2-3 working days of completion.

For support use Ebay messages or call us.


Create Letter

Apple and Android users need to switch to a device that supports Adobe Flash Player, like a PC or MAC Book.  If you do not have access to such a device please message us and we will provide an alternative method.

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Ebay Orders image

Ebay Orders image